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As a parent myself, I was worried if the tutors they provide are upto my expectations or not, but thankfully I was met with all the requirements for my child, all I can say is that Ashayein indeed gives you an “Asha” in terms of growing your child’s academic performance and generating counseling sessions on a regular basis helps a lot in stabilizing the mind set of my child. Truly the best home tuition in Lucknow anyone can wish for

Mohit Johri (Parent)

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Great company, great culture with great moral and ethics. It is a pleasure to work with Ashayein Home Tuitions. I work here as a team member not as employee. Our company’s common goal is to assist students and assure their parents with the availability of best home tuition. I feel proud to work here Thanks to Ashayein Home Tuitions for giving me opportunity to work here and to be a part of common mission

Ms. Swastika Shukla (Counsellor)

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It is a great working experience with Ashayein Home Tuitions. This is the only company which gives career stability and continues growth to tutors in Lucknow, India. Ashayein Home Tuitions provided me a great opportunity to work and utilise my full strength. Ashayein home tuitions provided me a great opportunity to work and utilize my full strength through working alongside a team of best home tutors in Lucknow.

Mr. Navneet Bajpai (Tutor)

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I am very much thankful to Ashayein Home Tuitions for making my vision clear regarding home tutors. I only wanted to hire a best home tutor to give extra focus to my daughter but Ashayein Home Tuitions’s psychological counseling sessions make me realize about my daughter’s strength and weakness. This made her goal clear from the starting. They are not only tutor service provider in Lucknow, India but mentorship provider with best hand holding support. They are not only tutor service provider in lucknow but also provided the best online math classes to my daughter during this time of a global pandemic.

Mrs. Anushka Srivastava (Parent)

It was a long journey that we have completed because of you all. A very big thank-you to all Teachers, Institutes, Parents, Students and our entire Ashayein team who works dedicatedly and cordially to make this happen.

Ayush, Prakash, Mariya & Shaurya (Teachers)