Home Tuition in Lucknow During Covid-19 Pandemic

Posted By ashayein On 12 Feb, 2021
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The Covid-19 pandemic, a deadly storm that took the world by shock and changed the way one exists and lives their life. This deadly disease has until now taken more than seventy nine million lives and despite the recovery rate does not seem to be slowing down similarly there is a massive impact on Home tuition in Lucknow as well .
Everyone witnessed in 2020 how their entire life had turned upside down from the ongoing effects of Covid-19. From increasing mortality rate, rise in health issues, loss of employment and lack of jobs to mental health issues, domestic violence, effect on education and careers. Almost everything had been redefined and transformed into something beyond our imagination. No one realised when our normal day to day life got converted into a virtual life where gadgets, screens and internet is the reason how so many people are able to work, enjoy, interact and exist which is all owed entirely to the alternate universe that is virtual life.

Words like Quarantine, lockdown, work from home, online classes, social distancing, sanitising were not just words anymore but a way of life. People did not even know the meanings of such names and were now breathing in a life that had no existence without these words. Where some people who can afford to take a break went onto bake breads, dive into their hobbies, unwind and relax, there were others who could not afford that saw their life going downhill and somehow did whatever was available to them to make ends meet.
The health sector was reborn into working 24/7 and the doctors and nurses who were and still are being worshipped no less than gods to realizing the importance of outdoors, socialising and hugs. Life shifted to virtual and left us in realization of everything that we took for granted all our lives.

However, as much as Covid-19 had changed our lives no one can overlook the fact about the impact it made. No one can miss the fact how something that was not originated in our territory or had something to do with the land we are born in took the world by astonishment to alter the meaning of life altogether. The impact be it on jobs, hospitals, employment, families, business’ or schools were drastic and huge. Speaking of which comes one of the major fields that has left a huge gaping hole in its field, some say for better and some for worse, that is on education.

Impact on Education

If one highlights schools or colleges, no one saw coming how in a split minute schools were shut and locked. This was an educational travesty that would cause tremendous on all the young learners who have been pushed into lockdown and have no idea whatsoever about how all f a sudden one day they were asked not to wear the school uniform to wait for a bus to go to a place where they take out their books, eat their lunches and see their friends. The disruption in the learning and the pause that came when people got settled to everything new happening in the initial stages created a gap in the learnings of students that was either way essential to their growth, future and life. There were many issues that occurred that also shed light on an already known issue of class structure, gap in opportunities and divide in upper and lower class that traumatised the latter because of their lack of resources which made them feel like no less than cripples.
There was also a sub category in this field which had to face the impact no less than others and saw a turn in their life to an unimaginable extent. Home tutoring.

A business that includes giving tuitions, that is teaching the students, giving them extra push, a space to study, learn and revise everything that is being taught in school for extra hard work, solutions and support to study somewhere where they are given special attention to learn the similar material that they might not have easily understood in their class that includes more than 40 students.
Home tuitions are seen as a saviour or that saving grace that is essential for growth of children, for their comprehension of what is being taught and an extra push aside from school to do good in school and learn attentively as the focus is given entirely to him.

Impact on Home tuition in Lucknow

With more than 5,77,642 people infected in the state of Lucknow have obviously laid pressures on many fields in the state and so when one talks about education, more specifically home tuitions, the impact on the services of tuitions have been a rocky road. With many small scale tuitions losing their job, getting less salaries or altogether having to abandon the profession entirely. 
Reasons for negative impact on home tuition in Lucknow-

  • During the lockdown, due to the official guidelines of social distancing issued by the government, tutors could not have students over to teach them in the comfort of their homes as they usually would.

  • The responsibility of each student would be too much to handle or take care of and to make sure guidelines are followed, everyone is sanitising and practicing social distancing is not something that could have left solely on them which sort of imposed a pause on the services of home tuition in lucknow.

  • Other than that, during the initial period not only overlooking the fact that there were strict guidelines issued by the government that restricted anyone to step out of their homes except in case of emergencies or visiting pharmacies. Even if that entire case was not that, yet no parent from the scare of potential risk would have been willing to send their children to another house or centre for tutoring.

  • The home tuitions were thus slowly going downhill considering for single mothers, bread earners of family, sole option of revenues who had full time jobs of being a tutor either at their homes or coaching centres.

  • No other option was available for someone who had a full time job as a home tutor and the only source of income for them was that of monthly salary received by them by the parents of the student who obviously had no reason to pay the tutors or the teachers if they were not sending their children their kid to study at their homes.

  • One might raise a fact that some of the privileged people from Lucknow, UP and other states were still paying the tutors despite not continuing the services of home tutoring for a few months, however the middle class people that consists of most of the general population of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh could neither afford it or take care of the extra  expenses over their head because the grass on their side was not that green either.Everyone was in the same boat and favours were something that was out of reach for almost every household.

  • However, even though things might not have been like before and we may not be able to extract a lot of positives here yet as people make the best out of what they are offered, similarly a silver lining and ray of hope was found in the aspect for home tutoring in Lucknow as well.

  • The birth of online tutoring and online classes. Just like every other aspect of life was taken virtual along with school classes being held online to resume the coursework and syllabus, similarly many home tutors, especially those who could afford it took their classes online.

  • It was a blessing in disguise for everyone as every parent wanted their child to get the similar learning and teaching with home tutors in lucknow they were already used to and comfortable with.

  • Many home tutors in lucknow began taking batches on platforms like zoom, skype, Microsoft teams and conducting the tuitions sessions online to help the students with assignments, course, pending syllabus, etc. Everything was the same except the difference of being connected through a screen.

  • Parents not only appreciated this as it kept their children busy and focused in the similar work so that the gap doesn’t create an issue for them in long run but with that they were also grateful for the tutors to do this as it is not an easy task and took a lot of investment from the tutor’s side as well even though it was an effort which was necessary as their main priority was to make ends meet.

  • One of the best parts of online education through these platforms were that there were many resources on apps such as zoom or skype to use whiteboard to explain something, share screens and presentations or store home works, assignments and notes for a student to visit back to. This helped and supported those who were looking for Jobs for home tutors and were trying to do in their state to serve the students. Those also includes the features of recordings and saving it for further usage in a way of recorded lectures and sessions that student can derive extreme help from.

  • Many initiated a service that taught many students and created websites for online teaching, learnings, private tutoring sessions, etc. which is evidently seen to booming due to the need of online education. Many such tutors and classes can be searched for and looked into if one needs something similar for their children.

Thus we realised that despite the distance and lockdown education cannot be restricted or prevented from being spread as where there is a way, the will can always be found too.

Many such home tutors in lucknow and students can see the advanatage and are grateful for it, however for those where the lack of resources is the major issue, one can only hope things get better for them and do their bit to help them.