Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can you gain benefit from is a platform which is specifically designed as the learning platform. We understand the learning needs of the students or anyone else who wants to learn anything or acquire any skills for the purpose of employment or hobby. If you possess any skill, you need to explore it and impart your learning to the others to improve their skills. We are here to help you to find the best job that fits your profile and skills at the favourable location.

2. How can I register as a tutor/teacher/instructor on your website?

To register, you need to sign up on our website, Fill all the required fields and start applying for the jobs matching to your profile.

3. Is there any fee for registration?

We at value your skills, knowledge and the passion for making others learn. We do not charge any kind of registration fees from the tutors/instructors at any phase of their service.

4. What is the next step after registration on your portal?

After you have got registered, one of our executives will verify your details which you have shared with us. Once, your profile is verified, you are welcome as a part of You can start browsing for the jobs according to your profile at the desired location.

5. Can I edit my profile on gaining experience?

Yes, you can definitely edit your profile. You have the freedom to edit it anytime to make it more impressive, attractive and to showcase your credentials.

6. How will I come to know when a job post matches to my profile?

We offer the listing of the latest jobs on our portal. Thus, you can browse for the job matching to your profile and apply for the job. We will also from our side mail you whenever there is a job post matching your profile. But it is advised to check latest jobs updates, some time because of technical issues mail may not reach your inbox.

7. What are the formalities I have to complete the before going for the Demo class?

You should know about the terms and conditions for working with In addition to this, you should also know about the policy and ethics of our company which makes it very easy for you to work with us. Your profile is needed to be verified. You are required to upload your documents related to your academics and co-curricular activities. You will also have to attend the training by our experts in order to enhance your ability to teach before your first demo.

8. When and how will I get paid? will credit salary in your bank account only after successful completion of your tutoring services. The amount will be credited to your bank account only. You shall confirm that you have shared the right bank account details for the convenient transfers. Payment regarding issues and queries is the deal by “Ashayein”.

9. Can I opt for teaching/tutoring as my career goals?

Yes, of course, you can contribute to teaching for as long as you want hence you can consider teaching or tutoring as your career. We provide all the legal documents that add to your experience in teaching. considers teaching or tutoring as a respectable and white collar job. We consider that teachers are playing an important role in developing the society. If you are focusing on the online tutoring job desperately, you will be able to make as much money as you want.

10. Who is an active tutor/instructor? What are the benefits of being an active member?

Any member who is working with any of the tutoring assignment provided by under the strict supervision of it and gets paid from, is considered as an active tutor/instructor of The benefits of being an active member include:
Until and unless you are an active tutors/instructors, you are eligible to see your profile and make changes by editing or updating the profile. Active tutors are also eligible to apply for the experience certificate from but only after successful completion of regular 6 months of services. You will be eligible for receiving the job-related notification through mail or SMS. We provide customer service facility that will help you anytime in case you face problem-related to anything from the job assignment.

11. What will happen if I am not selected for my demo class?

You should not feel disappointed if you are not selected for the demo classes. There are lots of other job opportunities that are waiting for you. You should keep browsing for the latest jobs and apply for the job that fits your profile. However, you should ensure that next time when you go for the demo session, you are well prepared for the trial. You shall go for the demo after thoroughly revising the major topics of your subject.

12. What will happen if I am not willing to continue teaching or tutoring anymore?

At any point in time, if you feel like quitting tutoring, you should inform at least 15 days before leaving. This will be considered as your notice period and you shall be liable for obtaining your payment. It will give us enough time to make the replacement for you so that our students are not affected.

13. Will I get a recommendation letter or an experience certificate?

Yes, you will get a recommendation letter or an experience certificate if you get a service continuously for six months without any gap in between. If not, then we are sorry! We would not be able to provide an experience letter or even a recommendation letter in such a case.