About Ashayein

About Us

Ashayein.com is the most Leading Portal to give Learning Platforms to the Learners / Students by Largest Community of Teachers, Trainers and Institutes. “Ashayein” is a Hindi word meaning hope. And as the word suggests, we give birth to hope in the minds of pupil while even catering to their hopes.

We basically provide a massive learning platform for everyone that fills the void in between the students-parents and the tutors-instructors. Having said that, we also offer staffing solution by providing a plethora of skilled, learned, trained and accredited professionals and an expert faculty like teachers, instructors, and tutors.  We are the largest marketplace for career planning and career assessment in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. And soon we will be stretching our excellent services to the other cities of Uttar Pradesh, and our next jump would be onto catering the major cities of the national level.

We make learning simple for you. You wish to come to our centre and get submerged in an ambience filled with knowledge? You are more than welcome! Do not wish to turn up at the centre, and want to save some time of yours? Or you are hesitant in a classroom, filled with students, to clear your doubts openly? Do not worry! We understand the fact that not every student is the same. And for the same reason, we have got different curated services for our different type of people. Just the way we provide a centre for our students in the same way; we even arrange an array of best home tutors, who can personally look after the learners at their preferred locations. Not only our services are time-saving but economical too.

In modern times, more and more demand is rising for the skilled people along with the professional people. Various skills like digital marketing, website development, software development, app development, project management are recently a lot in trend these days and such skilled people are famously required in large numbers in multi national companies, private companies, and in government jobs too. Hence, we provide detailed trainings, tutoring services, and coaching on such skill-sets too. Not only we deal in coaching in education, professional studies, and skilled studies but we also offer classes on hobbies for our candidates. As there is a famous quote in the most engrossing drama play- Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, “Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby.” For some, fun-filled and creative activities like cooking, baking, embroidery-stitching, drawing, to name a few are much more engrossing and are eager to learn better than academics. And who understands it better than us? None. Therefore, we have got the best home tuition teachers and instructors for almost each and every learning demand of yours, and that too under one roof. Whether a student wants to take an academic path or a skilled path or simply a creative path, we have got staffing solutions to all your learning needs. Last but not the least, we even provide sports coaching, career guidance, and sports education.

Mission Ashayein.com is a detailed tutorial service and a novel coaching establishment comprised in a way to make it more convenient for the students, learners, teachers, and instructors to get in touch with each other without any hassle of wasting days’ and days’ time in search of each other. We provide an expert faculty, teachers for home tuition, coaching and best home tuition services for students up to 12th grade and for any and every subject, and even for the students who aspire to crack entrance exams like IIT, JEE, NEET, IIIT, to name a few. Any person or a candidate irrespective of their age, social rank, financial rank, job, and gender can easily enrol for the learning services by quickly signing themselves up on the website. From a wide range of academic tutorials to the coaching for short term courses; one can simply pick and join any course. To comprehend, Ashayein.com is a platform designed for students, teachers and instructors to communicate.

We do understand the importance of time and as it is said, “ time is money “. We assure in our services for the provision of best home tuition teacher who live in vicinity to our allocated candidate’s area. This saves a tutor’s time from going to far away places, which in further saves a student’s time and our instructor’s money. And we are eco-friendly people too. Thereby, we look after reducing the carbon prints from the environment. Every small step is needed in saving and protecting our environment and planet Earth.

Not only we provide home tuitions to the students or cater the coaching needs of students, but also we offer services and provision of faculty of teachers to schools and institutes. Any school or an institute in need of a well-accredited teacher can feel free to contact us and we assure to provide a teacher to them as immediate as possible. We are even a faculty provider consultancy.

We believe that each child is different from the other and are born with delicate minds which needs a lot of brushing, utmost care, and learnings in order to become a fully grown and properly functioning brain. Hence, we provide career counselling and career assessment sessions to our students too. As mental toughness is what is needed in today’s world. Since, parents these days are usually working and are hardly left with any time to give or devote major time to their children. Therefore, it is obvious for the children to feel lost in their lives with not knowing what to do and which career paths to take in their lives. For the same reason, we provide an enormous counselling and talk sessions to the young minds and bodies. Our student counselling sessions have a comprehension of various methodologies, which includes an analysis of strength aspects, weak aspects, opportunity areas, and threats areas (SWOT Analysis). This SWOT analysis allows us in gauging students’ minds better and even in noticing their ambitions and rectifying their career paths; additionally acting as a career guide to them by doing a detailed career planning.  Moreover, Ashayein.com is a platform for academic and accredited courses along with student career counselling and career assessment facilities.

We want from parents to send their children to us or hire a tutor for their child and get relieved from the responsibilities of nurturing a child. We know in this fast-moving world, it gets tough sometimes to look after your family along with your active profession. Along with teaching a student from academics to sports education to skill-set education or simply a hobby guidance; we even inculcate a child with the best morals and ethics. As the current generation somewhere lacks the moral and ethical values. For the same reason, we even teach a child to live by integrity, principles, and best values. A successful person is one who does not have a good job, or earn too much, or score well in studies or is an excellent sportsman, but one who is a good human and filled with humanity and feel humane and does good towards the society.

A child is not the one who is defined as per the law, is someone who is below eighteen years of age. However, a child is anyone in this entire society, irrespective of their age, who is as eager and curious as a child to know and has the spirit to learn about anything and to hone and enhance a skill with all the thirst of knowledge, in order to do achieve the higher goals of life. A child’s proper nurturing is a must thing as the nurturing and breeding and teachings given today to a child will represent the society of tomorrow. This is why, along with a good education a proper upbringing is also very much mandatory in a child’s life. Which further makes us work upon the thought- “give us a child; we will give you a talent.”

Our Mission

Mission As it is said, “ an empty mind is a devil’s workshop “. Therefore, we look forward to engage more and more pupil, irrespective of their age, status, sex, preferences, social rank or financial rank. The more people we will engage and get enrolled in our wide list of learning activities; the more talented and the more skilled people will be thriving in this society.

Many people are literate but very few are well-educated. And an educated man leaves a distinguished impression others than a just literate one.Having said that, “literacy” in our country India is defined as an ability to read and write. And the overall literacy rate of India is 69.1%. And the rate of educated people in India is far lesser than the literacy rate. The more education thrives in a society, the more productivity increases, and then the more progressive a generations turns out to be. As the famous saying goes, “ Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it for today.” 

Since we enormously believe in community service and we see the inflation everywhere. And sharing knowledge with people is community service, worth sharing with almost everyone. We have kept the rates and prices of our service and products too affordable. So almost everyone and anyone can bare the charges and prices of these services taken. Having said that, for the same reason we provide registration for everyone from students to teachers to tutors to coaching institutes, schools and home tutors absolutely free of cost. We do not want you people to pay only for searching or looking for the required services and needs.

Our only mission is to spread awareness among people regarding the benefits of a good education. We look forward to cater more and more people and cater to their learning needs in coming future. Again to be mentioned, not only we deal in academic coaching, but we also deal in skill-set training, professional teaching, sports coaching, hobby guidance and teaching and also we inculcate good moral and ethical values in each child or any pupil.

We even want to be remembered as a prominent teaching and learning service provider in an existing marketplace. We would also want to be contacted by different schools or institutes when there is any requirement of a teacher for any class. We really strive to change India’s image in the terms of employment and we want more and more people to get employed and feed their families well enough. The more employed people in our country, the more developed nation India will become from still a developing nation.

We currently operate in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, India- Lucknow. But soon we will be expanding our teaching and learning services to the other parts and cities of Uttar Pradesh and later even to the other major towns of other states in India as well.

We are eagerly waiting for your profiles to pop up on our learning portal website. And want you to take maximum advantages of the service and of our products that we render to you. Have a happy browsing and not only keep your knowledge to yourself. But also keep sharing with others. Keep sharing about our website- www.Ashayein Home Tuitions with others. After all, good things need to be shared. And one good thing amongst such good things is knowledge and education. So what are you waiting for? Simply login to our website and make the most of it and that too by absolutely incurring almost next to negligible charges.

Our Vision

Mission Education, being one of the most important and fundamental need of any developing or even a developed nation, should be the number one priority for India at the least. However, in education sector, our country ranks ninety-two, which is sadly way behind the astounding ranks of other countries such as Philippines (76), Malaysia (51), Sri Lanka (59) and many more.

The total population of India in 2018 is approximately one thirty-three billion. Which is of course a very large number. And would it not be great to see so many people or exactly to see one thirty-three billion people of our country are educated? Just imagine, what big difference this population figure would create in this world if these much people get educated! We are sure of a fact that somewhere our vision and mission turns out to be yours as well. Hence, let us hold each other’s hands and aspire for one thing that is to make our entire country educated. Let us keep this dream in our hearts and minds and advance together to achieve this goal. As every step matters in a long journey towards a same goal.

Our vision is to see India ranked as one of the most literate and educated countries of this world, leaving many developing and already developed nations behind. Till the time, our country would not have many educated people; our country would not be able to make progress in real. Hence, education is an imperative stuff and has always been.

And to achieve something like this, we will keep spreading awareness amongst the people of our society to send their pupil to our centres or to encourage each and every one to pursue a skill of any type and excel in it. Along with mental toughness, physical toughness too is very important in a human’s life. This is why we encourage a lot of academicians along with a great number of sports players too.

We too have embedded a lot of hopes in our organisation. As this organisation goes beyond the hard work, profits, social community services. “ Emotions “ tie together the bonds of Ashayein.com. And not far is the day when this organisation will reach to zenith and will be the most popular and the largest leading firm in the education provider.

“The seeds that we sow today turns out to be the fruits of tomorrow.” Hence, we need to act very careful and with precision with the young minds and bodies of today in how we up-bring our children and what teachings do we delve within them, so that they may be able to make a better world in future for all of us to live in. A better world which stays surrounded with peace and not war, where knowledge is considered to be the only wealth and humanity is considered to be the God. This type of world is what we imagine for and this is what we assure for.

Integrity, moral values and principles, and truth is what we swear by and is what we teach our pupil too.