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Course Level All Levels



Ashayein presents a complete course of FILM-MAKING comprising all the chapters to turn you into a complete FILM-MAKER with which you can earn thousands to lakhs depending on your skill.

Since the beginning of time, human beings always had the knack of keeping themselves entertained because life in general is boring.
Humans invented Music, Art, Dance and various cultures to make one another realise the bliss and magic of stories and storytelling.
These stories have been evolved from time to time and most importantly how they were communicated with the audience.
However, a time came when Filmmaking was invented and Cinema was born and since then there was no looking back.

As the evolution of digital space, Filmmaking and Content Creation became the ultimate source of entertainment in today’s world and it keeps growing bigger, broader and wider as more people are jumping in the industry now widely known as Entertainment industry.
In the present times, Filmmakers and Content Creators are engaging the masses and audiences like never before with their talent and creations and thus given birth to terms like Viral and Digital Revenue Generation.
Many Filmmakers and Creators have already surpassed the world’s limitations and reached to a place in money and fame that has given many individuals the aspirations to follow their path and become just like them.
Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram etc. are reasons with which Filmmakers and Creators stay connected with their audiences and showcase their skills and talents through photography and videography.

However, one major problem has risen in world of Filmmaking and Content Creation.

As many people are coming in to become a Filmmaker and a Creator, the ratio margin of transforming into an actual Original Filmmaker and Creator is becoming smaller and with that the path of success becomes blurry.
This has created a mind-set in aspiring Filmmakers and Creators to take wrong methods and create bad ideas only for the extreme desire to earn maximum money and become famous.
As the time is passing by such bad methods and increasing day by day making the aspiring Filmmakers and Creators confused as to what is right and what is wrong.

However, it’s proud to say that finally we do have a solution.

We present to our FILMMAKING COURSE.

A unique educational course that is created with the philosophy and methods of original storytelling.
Our course educates an aspiring Filmmakers and Creator in improving the mental strength of imagination and ways of turning those thoughts from story to reality.
A unique blend of conceptuality and practicality while staying in an extremely affordable fees.

It is because of FILMMAKING that Content Creation came into existence and we believe in teaching the original ways of success be it in creating films for cinema theatres or opening a YouTube channel.

Transform yourselves and become a true Creative Visionary and a Creative Leader.

Benefits by taking this course :-
  1. As more and more people are coming in to become Creator, the competition is becoming tougher and success ratio is lesser. Learn how you can identify yourself and stand out from other Creators.
  2. Once anyone who takes the course will automatically be welcomed in our Filmmaking group. Our Filmmaking group is a unique foundation and step towards building a cohesive community of filmmakers and creators who watch and contribute in helping fellow filmmakers and creators in improving their respective content.
  3. The journey doesn’t ends here! As the world of Filmmaking and Content Creation is evolving so is does it methods of doing it. We conduct special Webinars in which we talk and teach about specific niche like photography, videography, story, shooting, latest techniques, digital growth and revenue, etc. Such webinars act like crash course for budding Filmmakers and Creators in which they can join in if they are interested in then given niche or topic of the webinar. 
  4. We are creating a unique one day offline conclave where creators across regions will be invited for a seminar on Filmmaking and Content Creation. It will give a great chance to everyone to showcase their films and content to every other Creators present.
  5. As we ourselves are Filmmakers and Content Creators with decorated history in the field, we offer opportunities to anyone who thinks has the skill to take up responsibilities in creating stories in various areas like acting, shoot, editing, etc.
  6. Always there to help! We believe in taking care of those who are genuine and believe in transforming themselves in to Creative Leader and Visionary.
You can connect with us for any doubt about the course.

What you'll learn :- 

Imagining your first story to gaining success on your YouTube channel, this course has it all.
This course contains chapters which are,
  • Introduction - A step towards understanding the philosophy of filmmaking                                             
  • Story/ Kahaani (career oriented) - It all begins here! Understanding concepts and methods of how to write a story.                                                                                                                                               
  • Script - One of the most crucial aspect, turning your raw story into practical and achievable script.Understand how methods of writing a script.                                                                                              
  • Production - Learn and understand how to manage the process of making a film.                                            
  • Camera Works (career oriented) - Learn and understand about one the most profound skill in the entertainment, content and YouTube industry. Understand the philosophy of a camera and how to practically approach cinematography.                                                                                                                   
  • Video Editing (career oriented) - Learn and understand about one the most profound skill in the entertainment, content and YouTube industry. Understand the ideology of editing and grasp the foundation in professional video editing software, Adobe Premiere Pro.                                                            
  • Mobile Filmmaking - Understand how you can utilise the most widely available technology to your advantage in creating your film and content. Learn about professional filmmaking app created only for mobiles.                                                                                                                                                      
  • Platform Orientation + YouTube Growth (career oriented) - Get to know the various places where you can showcase your final product and also understand practical success on YouTube by becoming an original creator.

Requirements :-

* You should have Adobe Premiere Pro installed on their computers/ laptops to follow along.
* We teach this course using the Adobe Premiere Pro CC (creative cloud) versions, so it would be best if you're using CC.

Who this course is for :-
  • Those who want to become a YouTuber
  • Those who want to become a Creative Visionary and a Leader
  • Those who want to become a Filmmaker
  • Those who want to become a Content Creator
  • Those who want to become a Storyteller
  • Those who want to have a Passive Income and generate Revenue



- Computer/Laptop/Mobile device is needed.
- Internet connectivity to device.
- Headphone or speakers connectivity to device.


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