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I am hardworking Self reliant With good manners and Etiquette.

Sandeep Yadav

Gomti Nagar - 226010, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh    Male, Age: 30 years

Courses & Classes: Class 6th, Class 7th, Class 8th, Class 9th, Class 10th, Class 11th, Class 12th

Experience : 4 years

Demo Class : Yes


Hi I am sandeep yadav. I have involve in teaching and study these time. I have completed M.sc in mathematics from Dr RMLAU and B.Ed from LUCKNOW UNIVERSITY. I teaches Mathematics class 9 to 12 all board.


Class Xth from GIC Barauli Jata Barabanki (Board: State Board) In Year: 2009
Class XIIth from Jai Hind Inter College Barabanki (Board: State Board) In Year: 2011
Graduation/Diploma from University Of Lucknow in B.Sc (Maths), Full Time In Year: 2015
Post Graduation from R.M.L.U Faizabad in M.Sc (Maths), Full Time In Year: 2018

Courses & Classes (7)


Class 6th

Specialization in Chemistry, Computer, English, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Science

Course Duration     8 MONTHS


Class 7th

Specialization in Chemistry, Computers, English, Geography, General Knowledge, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Science

Course Duration     8 MONTHS


Class 8th

Specialization in Computers, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Science

Course Duration     7 MONTHS
Number System
1) Rational Numbers
Revision of “What is a rational number?” with examples and only discussion of properties.
Between any two rational numbers there lies another rational number (Problems related to inserting 1,2,3, ….. n rational numbers between two rational numbers).
Word problems based on real life situations using rational numbers.
2) Exponents Powers
Laws of exponents with integral powers
Square and Square roots using division method for numbers containing
no more than total 4 digits
no more than 2 decimal places
Cubes and cubes roots (only factor method for numbers containing at most 3 digits)
3) Sets
Union and intersection of sets
The complement of a set
Ratio and Proportion
Compound Interest (compounded yearly up to 3 years)
Problems on tax (rebate sum included)
Direct and inverse variations – Simple and direct word problems
Time and work problems – Simple and direct word problems
Algebraic Expressions
Multiplication and division of algebraic


Class 9th

Specialization in Chemistry, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Science

Course Duration     8 MONTHS


Class 10th

Specialization in Mathematics, Physics

Course Duration     6 MONTHS
1. Commercial Mathematics
(i) Value Added Tax

(ii) Banking

2. Algebra
(i) Linear Inequations

(ii) Quadratic Equations in one variable

(iii) Ratio and Proportion

(iv) Factorisation of polynomials

(v) Matrices

(vi) Arithmetic Progression

(vii) Co-ordinate Geometry

3. Geometry
(a) Similarity

(b) Circles

(i) Angle Properties
(ii) Cyclic Properties
(iii) Tangent and Secant Properties
(iv) Constructions

4. Mensuration
Area and volume of solids – Cylinder, Cone and Sphere.

5. Trigonometry
(a) Using Identities to solve/prove simple algebraic trigonometric expressions.

(b) Heights and distances: Solving 2-D problems involving angles of elevation and depression using trigonometric tables.

6. Statistics
Statistics – basic concepts, Mean, Median, Mode. Histograms and Ogive.

7. Probability
Random experiments
Sample space
Definition of probability
Simple problems on single events


Class 11th

Specialization in Mathematics

Course Duration     8 MONTHS
1 Sets and Functions
Relations and Functions
Trigonometric Functions
2 Algebra
Principle of Mathematical Induction
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
Linear Inequalities
Permutations and Combinations
Binomial Theorem
Sequence and Series
3 Coordinate Geometry
Straight Lines
Conic Sections
Introduction to Three-dimensional Geometry
4 Calculus
Limits and Derivatives
5 Mathematical Reasoning
Mathematical Reasoning
6 Statistics and Probability


Class 12th

Specialization in Mathematics, Physics

Course Duration     8 MONTHS
1 Relations and Functions
Relations and Functions
Inverse Trigonometric Functions
2 Algebra
3 Calculus
Continuity and Differentiability
Applications of Derivatives
Applications of the Integrals
Differential Equations
4 Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry
Three-dimensional Geometry
5 Linear Programming
Linear programming
6 Probability
Multiplications theorem on probabilit

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Chinhat, Gomti Nagar, Gomtinagar Vistar, Indira Nagar, Indiranagar Sec14, Indiranagar Sec18, Indiranagar Sec21, Industria Area Chinhat, Chhota Bharwara, Faizabad Road, Gomti nagar - Vinamra Khand, Gomti nagar - Vinay Khand, Gomti nagar - Vinayak Khand, Gomti nagar - Vineet Khand, Gomti nagar - Vipin Khand, Gomti nagar - Vipul Khand, Gomti nagar - Viraj Khand, Gomti nagar - Viram Khand, Gomti nagar - Virat Khand, Gomti nagar - Vishal Khand, Gomti nagar - Vishesh Khand, Gomti nagar - Vishwas Khand, Gomti nagar - Vivek Khand, Gomti nagar - Vyom Khand, Gomti Nagar Extension

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