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I completed B.Sc. from mathematics and computer .l have good knowledge in mathematics and computer .

Sudesh Kumar Yadav

Aliganj - 226024, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh    Male, Age: 23 years

Courses & Classes: Class 2nd, Class 6th, Class 7th, Class 8th, Class 9th, Class 10th, Class 11th, Class .....

Experience : 2 years

Demo Class : Yes


I have two year experience in teaching and specialist in mathematics and computer .


Class Xth from Rani Laxmi Bai Inter College (Board: State Board) In Year: 2014
Class XIIth from Kendriya Vidyalaya IIM Lucknow (Board: CBSE) In Year: 2016
Graduation/Diploma from Lucknow University in B.Sc (Maths), Full Time In Year: 2019

Courses & Classes (8)


Class 2nd

Specialization in Art & Craft, Computer, English, Environmental Education, General Knowledge, Hindi, Mathematics, Moral Teaching, Drawing, Sanskrit, Spoken English, Social Studies

Course Duration     3 MONTHS


Class 6th

Specialization in Computer, EVS, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, General Knowledge

Course Duration     1 MONTHS
Chapter 1: Knowing Our Numbers 1.1 Introduction
1.2 Comparing Numbers
1.3 Large Numbers in Practice
1.4 Using Brackets
1.5 Roman Numerals
Chapter 2: Whole Numbers 2.1 Introduction
2.2 Whole Numbers
2.3 The Number Line
2.4 Properties Of Whole Numbers
2.5 Patterns in Whole Numbers
Chapter 3: Playing With Numbers 3.1 Introduction
3.2 Factors and Multiples
3.3 Prime and Composite Numbers
3.4 Test For Divisibility Of Numbers
3.5 Common Factors and Common Multiples
3.6 Some More Divisibility Rules
3.7 Prime Factorisation
3.8 Highest Common Factor
3.9 Lowest Common Multiple
3.10 Some Problems on HCF and LCM
Chapter 4: Basic Geometrical Ideas 4.1 Introduction
4.2 Points
4.3 A Line Segment
4.4 A line
4.5 Intersecting Lines
4.6 Parallel Lines
4.7 Ray
4.8 Curves
4.9 Polygons
4.10 Angles
4.11 Triangles
4.12 Quadrilaterals
4.13 Circles
Chapter 5: Understanding Elementary Shapes 5.1 Introduction
5.2 Measuring Line Segments
5.3 Angles-’Right’ and ‘Straight’
5.4 Angles- ‘Acute’, ‘Obtuse’ and ‘Reflex’


Class 7th

Specialization in Computers, Geography, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, EVS

Course Duration     1 MONTHS
Maths syllabus. 1. Integer. 2.Fractions and decimal. 3.Data Handling. 4. Lines and angles. 5.Simple equations. 6.The triangle and its properties. 7.congruence of triangles. 8.Rational numbers. 9.comparing quantities. 10.practical geometry etc.


Class 8th

Specialization in Computers, Geography, General Knowledge, Mathematics, Science

Course Duration     1 MONTHS
1 Unit 1: Food
2 Unit 2: Materials
3 Unit 3: The World of Living
4 Unit 4: Moving Things, People and Ideas
5 Unit 5: How Things Work
6 Unit 6: Natural Phenomena
7 Unit 7: Natural Resources. 1 Rational Numbers
2 Powers
3 Squares, Square roots, Cubes, Cube roots
4 Playing with numbers
1 Algebraic Expressions
Ratio and Proportion
1 Understanding shapes
2 Representing 3-D in 2-D
3 Construction
Data handling
Introduction to graphs


Class 9th

Specialization in Biology, Chemistry, Computers, Mathematics, Physics

Course Duration     1 MONTHS
1 Unit 1: Number Systems
2 Unit 2: Algebra
3 Unit 3: Coordinate Geometry
4 Unit 4: Geometry
5 Unit 5: Mensuration
6 Unit 6: Statistics and Probability


Class 10th

Specialization in Computers, Mathematics, Science

Course Duration     1 MONTHS
In computer programming is very important and I have good knowledge of C ,C++,SQL,Visual basic and DBMS etc. Number system ,algebra, trigonometry,coordinate geometry, geometry,mensuration , statistics and probability is syllabus of mathematics of class 10


Class 11th

Specialization in Computer science

Course Duration     1 MONTHS
Unit Name Marks Periods
Theory Practical
1. Computer Systems and Organisation 10 10 5
2. Computational Thinking and Programming – 1 45 50 35
4. Society, Law and Ethics


Class 12th

Specialization in Computer science

Course Duration     1 MONTHS
Unit Name Theory Marks Periods
Theory Practicals
1. Programming and Computational
Thinking and Programming – 2 40 50 50
2. Computer Networks 10 10 –
3. Data Management

Preferred Location Area(s)

Aliganj, Daliganj, Niralanagar, Triveni Nagar, Babuganj, IT chauraha, Kapoorthala

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