Who is teacher?

Posted By ashayein On 6 Feb, 2021
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A Teacher who not only connect with the student for few benefits like money and respect but a person who create a deep bond with the student emotionally and become a mentor for their student, called a Real teacher. The teacher is not only responsible for completing syllabus but to give the right direction to their student with lifelong handholding support.

8 most crucial points before being a teacher :

1) A teacher must have Clear vision and mission

Many people want to become a teacher without understanding their own why? They are only doing so because they saw someone earning good, so they also started following the same path. First of all, before you decide to become a Teacher you must have your clear vision in front of you. Why you want to enter in this field of teaching? and what is your mission? Like the mission of Mr. Anand Kumar (Super 30) is to track the talented bunch of students from economically impoverished sections and hone their skills by providing a conducive environment.

2).Teacher’s Knowledge is Power

The ultimate power of a good teacher is their deep understanding and core knowledge of any specific subject. But the teacher is incomplete without knowing the art of delivering it in a very easy way for their student. Many teachers promise to know all the subjects equally, always remember “Jack of all trade master of none”. Even the hero of the Indian epic the Mahabharata – Arjuna is famous for only one thing that is his archery.

3).Teacher’s Confidence is the key

Teacher’s Confidence gives motivation. There are certain situation arises when the student feels down upon facing a failure and confidence level fall to zero. This situation requires a full transfer of energy of a teacher into students, to affirm the student for a bounce back. As it is known- “ENERGY IS NEITHER CREATED NOR DESTROYED IT CAN ONLY BE TRANSFERRED” by a confident teacher.

4).The teacher is like water

As water is transparent and adaptable, the real teacher also behaves in the same manner. Every child is unique so their learning style too. So a real teacher adapts themselves to best tailor the need of the student without sticking to the old pattern of teaching.

The teacher should be crystal clear like water in their character and must follow the path of ethics and morality.

5).The teacher is always easily available

Ask this question before becoming a teacher, will you be able to get available, whenever your student needs you, not only for their syllabus or solving problems but also when they need guidance.

6). The teacher is a good listener

“A good teacher is one that never stops listening, a good listener is that never stop teaching”. Find Home Tuition in Lucknow
  As this quote explains the importance of listening, if the teacher wants the student to listen to him so first he has to be become a student and listen carefully the question, worries and problems of the students from student’s point of view then only teacher will able to give a proper needful solutions.
Eg. In Bhagwad Geeta, Krishna act a good listener because first, he listens to all the worries of Arjuna and then able to give an exact solution for his worries.

7). Love what you do

Do you know? In this new era, where numbers of the profession are available, then too teaching is still considered as the most respected job in the world. But many teachers feel ashamed of being a teacher and hide their profession from people. We just wanted to let you know that teaching is the only profession which is the creator of the of rest of the professions in the world like IAS, PCS, Engineer, doctors, lawyers, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc. So feel proud to be a teacher, because you are above all.
8). Teacher’s Life is significant

Teachers are immortal because of their teaching and great teachers are always being remembered by the world. We all heard the stories of teacher’s contribution in each era. Whether it is guru Dhronacharya who made a great warrior like Arjuna, whether it is Chanakya who transform the great Chandra Gupta Maurya from Chandu or whether it is Mr. Anand kumar who is changing and challenging the today’s Era by his Super-30. Teachers always leaves the footprint for the society.

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