How to judge a teacher in one demo classes only ?

Posted By ashayein On 6 Feb, 2021
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How to judge a teacher in one demo classes only ?
Mostly asked question from the parents is how to judge a teacher in one day trial only. Either you call a tutor directly through reference or from any organization, it become a major challenge to understand a Tutor’s caliber in an hour. Why this urgency is here because you cannot waste your days and hours, in this competitive environment, to just identify the tutor's compatibility with your child and on the other hand, the experienced and professional tutor has many jobs options with them, so they have to be blocked with advance payment to the concerned organization within a day or two to know more and find Tution teacher in lucknow from ashayein.
7 Most Powerful Steps to understand the tutor’s caliber within a few minutes only.   
1. Communication Skills – The very first and foremost thing to connect people, is the language and its way of delivering to another person. Parent’s first conversation held with the tuition teacher is on call, and then face-to-face. Here, parents have to understand the way tutor is communicating. The tutor must sound professional like they should greet you by good morning or evening and he must be generous, humble and polite while conversation and during the entire session.

2. Self Verification – If a home tutor is coming from the registered organization like, so it is for sure that coming tutor is verified in all aspect but you also have to cross-check by asking for original valid ID proof like Adhar card, Driving licence, Voter ID, etc., and also click a photo with your smartphone for future use. Just because someone entering your house is unknown to you.

3. Introduction – Parents are advised to take a quick introduction from a teacher like Educational Qualification, Local address and Teaching experience.
It is very difficult to identify home tutor’s claiming experience because they are not provided with any experienced letter but their subject knowledge and confidence in answering, is the confirmation for this doubt. 

4. Professional Behavior- The tuition teachers are the one who should influence their student by their personality because in today’s era students like to study from teachers who are well organized only. So parents must check, the Home tutor’s Punctuality, Presentivity, and Professional dressings.

5. Knowledge - After all knowledge is above all, so it is advisable that on the demo class, student should discuss only that topic with the tuition teacher which is already known to them because then only you and your child will able to understand the tutor’s teaching capability and subject knowledge.  

6. Character Assassination – In today’s generation moral value are consistently degrading. Because of this, the Home tutor also has to be judged over here for their character, especially if you have a female child.
Biggest mistake parents do, that they keep sitting in the entire demo class. Kindly leave and give some space to justify the tutor correctly. Leave the room and keep an eye from outside somewhere. It is good to conduct a class in the room fitted with a CCTV camera, so that you may better observe a few things like-Body language, How often they use mobile phone, Knowledge, Confidence level, etc.

7.Ethical Behavior- Ethics and morality are key factors for being a real teacher. But many time people with good character and knowledge may not have good ethics. Fees, no. of hours/day, and no. of sessions/month are already discussed by the Tutor’s providing organization but then too if the home tutor is discussing on this matter and trying to negotiate or bypassing the organization’s policy. Kindly cancel the demo and inform this to the concerned organization. Because your security cannot be compromised with the rest of the things. 

Now stop wasting time in taking demos and demos from one or many tutors, because in this competitive era every single minute counts.
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