From where should I get a Home Tutor?

Posted By ashayein On 6 Feb, 2021
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There are two ways to get the home tutor for your child or yourself

1st- Reference  

In this, anyone can hire a tutor who is already teaching in your locality at your neighbor's place.

2nd - Hire a tutor from home tutors providing agencies

There are 5 benefits parents get when they hire a tutor from home tutors providing agencies:

1. Governing authority - Nobody is perfect in this world so definitely everyone has the chance to improve themself. Somewhere making mistake is also common to teachers but to whom should parent report because many times they found it difficult, to say anything directly to the tuition teacher. Here Company fills that gap to create a better bonding between parents and home tutor but in case of reference, there is no one to take care for any issue if created.

2. Verification – If the tuition teachers are directly called from reference so it is very difficult for parents to be sure for their qualification and identity genuinity but if the home tutors are coming from a registered organization like, so parents and students need not worry for their documentation, because they only approach to you after approval of educational qualification and adhar-card or any other valid ID verification.

3. Quality of teaching – One-on-one teaching requires skills like patience, understanding, friendly and ethical behavior towards the students. These skills require proper training to become a professional home tutor which is only possible for registered tutors under genuine organizations like But when somebody who is an independent home tutor, they are not trained with any teaching methods like registered tutors are trained to deal with all types of students.

4. Personalized teacher- Every child is unique and their learning methods too, when you approach the locally referred tutor, so might be the chances of a Home tutor who was proven good for your neighbor might be not for you but when you hire a tutor from home tuition organisation so they first understand your child’s behavior and their learning approaches, then only they provide the home tutor best matching with your child’s learning need.

5. Eligibility – Most of the time I noticed parents compromise eligibility with the availability. Please don’t do such a big blunder because home tutors play a vital role in students' overall performance by understanding the weakness and strength of the child. The home tutor guides the child in the way they feel comfortable in learning. Sometimes teachers become the role model for the students so parents need to be very selective for teachers coming for the classes. So be very selective while hiring a home tutor with the eligibility like educational background, experience, fluency in english, etc 

Sorry to say, you will not be able to make any selection if you have only one or two options available in your locality.